What is needed to reserve a photo booth?

Via our pricing page, please choose one of our standard packages with additional services if needed and submit us a request for a quote. We will check to see there is a booth available for the specific time and date of your event and respond back to you with confirmation and final proposal. To complete the reservation, you will need to sign the service agreement and pay 30% deposit.

How does the photo booth work?

Our photo booths are really simple to use. Inside the booth, there is a touch screen with two on-screen pushbuttons to select either 'Color' or 'Black & White' photo shoot. Once you touch the button, all you have to do is pose. After you take four pictures, your photos will be ready for you to pickup outside in seconds. It's that simple! 

What is your payment policy?

We do require 30% deposit to reserve a photo booth. Once reserved, other events are turned down to ensure there is a photo booth available for your day. Final payment is due two weeks prior to the event. 

Can photos be branded with my company logo or event details?

Yes, we can brand photos, welcome screen, and more... Please contact us for more details.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the city area and its suburbs wherever we have an established business location. We don't like charging travel fees, but if the event is located more than 100 miles away, there may be an additional $50 per every additional 50 miles. 

How much floor space does the booth take up? 

We ask for a minimum of 6'x7' space to setup the booth and surrounding tables for printer, props, etc. Additional space in front of the booth is recommended for crowd to form a line. 

How many people can fit in a booth?

Our photo booths are designed to fit up to eight people. Make sure to pull your friends inside!

Do you have insurance?

Yes. All YouPlusPhotoBooth locations carry a standard business insurance policy.

Do photos print on the spot?

You go it!. What kind of photo booth would leave your guests without a memory to take home?! Our standard print option is two 2x6" identical photo strips. Each photo strip contains all of the four pictures taken during a shoot. Another option is a single 4x6" print for each photo taken during the shoot. You always have an option to add more copies to be printed for each shoot.

Can you accommodate an event on a higher floor?

Yes, our booths are compact and light weight and can be delivered to almost anywhere.

Can a photo booth be set up outside?

It sure can, however you would need to still provide power and a covered area in case it rains.

What are the power requirements?

Standard 3-prong, 120V power outlet within 15 feet of the booth. If the outlet is further than 15 feet away, please let us know ahead of time to determine proper operation of the photo booth setup.

Do you filter photos before they are posted online?

Yes, per our discretion we filter the content before it is posted online in accordance with our vision and values. We would also respect your wishes to remove individual photos or password protect them. However, all photos taken during an event will be printed on the spot, and if a digital copy (e.g. DVD) was ordered, all photos will be there as well.

How can my guests view and share photos?

Photos can be found on our main website in the event gallery and also on our social network pages, like Google+ and Facebook. You can also choose not to have photos from your event posted anywhere online or password protect your gallery (see question below).

Can I restrict access to my photo gallery?

Yes, you can. We can password protect the event gallery on our main website and then provide that password (printed on the photo strip) only to your guests. However, we cannot restrict access to our social network pages, but you can tell us not to post photos there.

Is there an on-site support for the photo booth during an event?

There will be a professional and a friendly attendant on site to answer any questions that may arise and make sure the booth is running smoothly. He will also be delivering, setting up, and taking down the photo booth.

How fast do the photos print out?

After the photo session is over, it takes about 10 seconds to print your photos.

What is the quality of photos?

Over the years, we have perfected our photo booths to offer our customers the experience of quality equivalent to a professional photo studio. We use top of the line camera equipment and perfectly tuned lighting.

Can we rent more than one photo booth for our event?

Yes you sure can. Please specify in the order you would like more than one booth. All booths are subject to availability.

 What form of payment do you accept?

We accept payment online via card or by mail via check. We take Visa and Master Card. Checks need to be mailed in advance, so payment is received before the event date.